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Managing and Warehousing Valuable Assets – Easier than You Think (With a Little Help)

Wednesday December 3, 2014 Craig English

So you’re planning a big office move – congratulations! Setting up a new work environment and upgrading from an uninspiring or unpractical location can be exciting, especially when moving often means getting to “start over.” It can give you and your employees the chance to create a workspace that fosters creativity and ideas, harbors productivity, and updates your company’s image while maintaining your brand.

But moving an entire office can be intimidating. For many companies, it can mean moving decades of acquired assets, including furniture, technology, documents, fixtures, supplies, and more.

It’s unlikely that your new office location will have the identical layout and dimensions of the previous office space, so it’s nearly certain that you will be left with a collection of valuable assets for which there simply is no room. Similarly, it may take a while to settle into the new digs, leading to periods of time where unplaced or underutilized valuable assets need somewhere to go.

That’s where we can help. Planes Commercial Services has a network of professionally-managed warehouses that can facilitate the orderly storage and distribution of your valuable property. With five warehouse locations across the Midwest (amounting to over 500,000 sq. ft. of clean, well-lit warehouse space), you can be confident that your goods are secure once they arrive at one of our facilities.

Our warehouses are climate-controlled, monitored by 24-hour security, and professionally staffed and managed. Additionally, through Planes’ Asset Management, we can provide detailed tracking of your valuable assets to help you realize maximum potential value for your dollar.

You don’t have to manage your move alone! Give us a call or click the “Chat with us” link at the bottom-right of this page to get started.